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About Us

Ghanshyam Baba college of pharmacy

Ghanshyam Baba pharmacy of college is organized by Central Public Educational Society. This Society was constituted and registered on ,,,,,,, and registration number is , with a pious objective of Educational, Social & Economical development.



“Ghanshyam Baba College of pharmacy: –

Welcome to Ghanshyam Baba College of pharmacy, Nadbai, Bharatpur. Affiliated with the University of Rajasthan and N.C.T.E., our college is committed to the overarching goal of fostering excellence in Pharmacy education.

Our primary objective is to nurture teaching professionals who embody intelligence, social consciousness, spiritual vitality, vocational readiness, and a deep commitment to the pursuit of quality education. I invite you to explore our website and frequent it for updates.

GBP College maintains its position as a leader in teacher education, research, and community engagement. Our students, faculty, and staff collaborate as a genuine community of scholars, working together to advance knowledge, tackle societal challenges, and seek intellectual and personal fulfillment.”

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Vision & Mission

The vision of the GBP College is to provide quality teacher education to all Students enrolled in our college. Students are given a thorough knowledge and build foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching.

Course And Admission

The course includes theory and extensive practical work. The syllabus is comprehensive, and makes effective use of the training system evolved by experts in the field. The theory subjects relate to different stages of growth & development.

Faculty & Staff

The faculty, well known and highly respected in their respective academic fraternities, is really what distinguishes College from the other teacher training colleges. They are drawn from among the best minds in the country, and share a wealth.